Saturday, August 28, 2010

Old Snake vs Solid Snake vs Pliskin

I was thinking about comparing those characters for a long time.

Solid Snake in the middle
I have to say, this is my least favorite Snake. For one, he has no personality whatsoever. For two, I don't like his design either.
Overall, the worst out of the bunch.

MGS2 Solid Snake (right)
 This time, Snake got a graphic update. I really like his design and his little older visage. He is also fun to play and watch (since in the second game, main character is Raiden). Personality wise, I think he grew a bit, but nothing really great either.

Latest Snake, Old Snake
Well, I was really surprised by Konami about making Snake really old. At first, I was skeptical, because if he is old he can't do stuff like when he was young. But I was in for a surprise. It was a blast, I will tell you!
Design was fresh and very interesting. New OctoCamo was perfect too. Plus, there is a lot of Snake's personality revealed, though again, it's all about himself. Oh well.... that's why I like Big Boss more.

So, as you might have known at this point, the winner is OLD SNAKE.


  1. Interesting comparison
    i loved this game

  2. The metal gear games pretty much defined my childhood - such a great series.

  3. I concur potatomaster, that and the final fantasies were big parts of my childhood.